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Issa Rae's Headwrap Game Is On Point.

I am a total fangirl for Issa Rae from 'Awkward Black Girl' to 'Insecure' to 'The Photograph' to 'a Sip' and 'Issa Rae Presents'. Everything she does is like goals.  Representation truly matters growing up I was exposed to Doctors, Lawers, Deans, Educators, and so many other professions. All women of color who looked like me. That exposure afforded me the really that I can be and do whatever I wanted. The nineties had so many tv shows that also depicted dope black people. Then it seemed like overnight all of that representation went away. Yet, Issa Rae has created a new wave of representation both with online content and TV in front and behind the camera. Not to mention her...

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